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New feature - open group discussions

Updated: Mar 14

We are super excited to tell you that soon Emill will get a completely renewed group discussion functionality! The update brings even clearer and more flexible opportunities for open discussions within the group. Discussions shaped around the activities of the community and the interests arising from the activities.

The renewed group discussion is designed to serve different user groups, enabling in-depth topic discussions that revolve around the group members' common interests.

Whether it's peer support or advice from teachers, instructions and guidance from hobbyist groups, or internal management of work projects in companies.

With the renewal, Emill strengthens its position as a community platform that not only connects people around common goals, but also supports multifaceted interaction and information sharing.

We look forward to you trying out the new group chat functionality and creating even closer communities with the help of Emill.

Stay tuned, more information coming soon - Together we will build a platform that inspires and unites!

Best regards, The Emill Team


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