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Developing and demonstrating competence

Create a comprehensive learning environment with the application. An environment which offers users the opportunity to share, research and store important information in their bespoke collections, promoting the development of their own expertise. Emill supports a deep understanding of information and the learning of new skills, while also providing users with tools to track their own learning path and to document their learning progress. The application allows users to take advantage of multimodal tools – such as texts, images, videos and sounds – that enrich the learning experience and support the versatile sharing and receiving of information.


The intuitive user interface makes the application easy to use, adapting to everyday ways of communication and content production, which makes learning and communication seamless both individually and in groups.

The tools in the application offer users versatile ways to present their learning- and other achievements – allowing users to visually and interactively document, evaluate and share their knowledge.

Prototype Designer

Emil's strengths

  • Intuitive user interface – Emill is easy to use because it adapts to established ways of digital communication and content production.

  • Community platform – Emill supports interaction and cooperation between groups.

  • Creating multimedia content – Emill enables the creation and sharing of various content formats, such as text, images, videos.

  • Real-time collaboration – Emill offers the opportunity to collaborate and communicate in real time.

  • An mobile optimized platform – Emill is optimized for mobile devices and is easy to learn. Of course, Emill also works in the browser.

  • User-oriented design – Emill is designed based on the needs and wishes and experiences of its users, and therefore offers an intuitive and easy-to-use user experience.

  • Content organization – An important cornerstone of Emill's design has been the platform's ability to clearly organize content into collections and folders, which makes managing and finding information effortless.

  • Knowledge sharing – Emill promotes the sharing of knowledge and skills between individuals and groups, thus supporting continuous learning and development.

  • Data security and privacy – Emill is committed to protecting user data and respecting privacy.

Versatile, efficient and easy


Fast and communal

Instant interaction with the community.
Get in touch with colleagues and experts. Ask for advice or share information and know-how.

Shared resources neatly in collections and folders, information related to the field and topic easily and immediately available – information which can be compiled for yourself as needed.

Up-to-date and clear

The user interface and logic familiar from everyday media, where ease of use is a priority.

Versatile content production also on the phone, tap the button and create content as you go!

An active timeline that also supports multimedia content.

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