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Emill has been designed, shaped and tested with a large number of people. The dynamic network includes other developers, experts and, above all, an active community of users. In the pilots, the experimenters and testers have been big cities, smaller municipalities, projects, organizations and even parents. The direct feedback received from different user groups guides the core team to solve challenges and direct development work. This ensures that Emill's development remains user-oriented and truly rooted in needs and insights, demonstrating the power of collaboration when we want to bring to market a user-oriented mobile application that supports and helps shape the future.



Our story

We decided to continue creating something new by starting a company where learning and innovation go hand in hand. With Emill at the core of everything - a platform where ideas meet, promoting individual growth and cooperation equally for everyone.

We want to be a part of creating a community world where work and learning are combined seamlessly, hence transforming the way we share knowledge and build the future together.

Emill's technology combines user-friendly design and secure data management, creating a platform that is both intuitive and efficient. Emill's technological core supports real-time information exchange, multimedia content production and community learning, while ensuring that user data remains protected and privacy is protected.w

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