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Weeks in the visual vortex

Throughout March and early April, we have been immersed in the development of Emill's mobile interface, honing its nooks and crannies.

Our goal has been to clarify the entire app from a user perspective, improve the clarity of functionality and make the experience as smooth as possible. In this process, collaboration with the Perspektives team is at the core - working with them is fast, fun and, above all, effortless. We share a common passion and goal to get new ideas quickly visible and accessible to users!

In a world of AI and algorithms - where the debate around good and bad algorithms is fierce right now - we want to create a safe and pleasant environment where people can trust, produce and share content without ads or unwanted content.

We also want to provide a clear and ethical alternative to digital communication, far from distracting and addictive videos. In this community, every message and interaction is truly human-centric: every message is driven by a real person, not an algorithm or a bot.

HS Hyvinvointi | Minä väitän | 8.4.2024, Tiina Laaninen

A people-centric approach is at the heart of Emill, because we believe that the digital world should serve people, not the other way around.

We continue to work passionately towards this vision, developing a platform that brings people together, fosters genuine interaction and promotes a sense of community.

And right now, we expect a new consumer update to pop out of the oven in the coming days ! Happy April 🌟 everyone 🌱


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