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Emill is full-blooded in the mobile

The Emill application is designed to fulfill different user needs. The application is mobile-optimized, hence its easy to use and familiar from other everyday applications. You can use Emill to message, create and share content and to communicate in different ways. Emill is suitable for situations where working with a mobile device is necessary or useful. Emill increases accessibility to information, experts, knowledge sharing and community support.

tools with fire

Entrepreneurship and everyday work

Sharing information on the spot about a specific procedure, can be challenging. Especially when quick and easy documentation of the problem or solution is key. In Emill the information is immediately available to everyone and stored exactly where it can be easily found again.

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Secure communication and inclusion

Mai is a bespoke Emill concept created especially for early childhood education. Multimedia mobile communication between parents and kindergartens is a the core of Mai – offering a low threshold pillar of support for families in day to day business with daycare. The process supports genuine participation of families by following the steps of the child's learning and encourages active parent participation

Girls at a Gym

Spare time activities

When a mobile tool offers, in addition to communication, the possibility to record and share a clip of performance as live content, instantly, sharing instructions and examples becomes much easier.

As an example - training of the junior sports club is more concrete not only for the junior, but also for the family. This makes life easier for coaches. Accumulating content helps to see the development curve of the entire team. Emill enables any hobbyist community to collaborate, exchange ideas and experiences - show progress and share ideas.

Group Picture

Knowledge sharing and support

The dominating model for tutoring/mentoring is currently one-on-one. Tutoring in Emill enables simultaneous tutoring for many users – individually or as a group.


As Emill combines continuing education, tutors and a network of teachers, the application not only provides a centralized resource, but also boosts efficiency. Reviewing content and learning skills step by step also supports the development of competence independently. With the help of the mobile application, it´s easy to ask for help by describing a problem wit a video - when applicable of course.

doing work together

Project work communality

Emill provides a platform for project work, where the different stages of the process, the results of the projects and lessons learned are not only preserved, but also used as building blocks for further development. The valuable efforts and achievements of the projects can be shared and processed communally, allowing them to be used as inspiration and foundation for future projects. Emill ensures that the communication is built in connection with the content and brings accessibility, community and continuity to the center of the project work.


Hybrid study

The flexibility of studies is enhanced by the design of the platform. Emill is based on communality and thereby provides the group with a forum for peer support and discussion. Emill enables community learning, which is at the heart of hybrid learning.


Community learning deepens understanding and promotes information sharing. With Emill, students can connect with each other and teachers, share ideas and materials, receive feedback and get/offer support.

Festival Fun

Organizing an event

Emill supports events by providing a platform where information sharing and cooperation are at the center. Users can create, share and organize important information, schedules and to-do lists in real time.


Multimedia tools make employee training versatile and interactive. Communal features, such as discussion groups, support the formation of a tight-knit community. With the help of Emill, the planning and execution of the event runs efficiently.

Creative Working

Entrepreneurship Education

Catching the spirit of the community is at the core of Emill. This applies especially to entrepreneurship education. The platform enables the establishment of mentor/tutor relationships, networking and the development of collaborative working. These are essential in developing entrepreneurial skills and mindsets. Users can participate in discussions, get feedback on their ideas and solve challenges together, which in turn promotes deep learning and innovative thinking.

Emill supports the organization of entrepreneurship education by providing an easy-to-use and flexible platform that is suitable for both independent study and group work. Teachers and trainers can use the platform to create courses, workshops and training programs that are tailored to meet the needs of different stages of entrepreneurship education.


One of the Emils main strengths is its mobile usability. Students and entrepreneurs can continue learning and networking anywhere, anytime, thus enhancing the learning experience and enabling continuous development on the entrepreneurial path. Hence entrepreneurship education becomes a vivid, accessible and engaging experience that prepares participants for a successful entrepreneurial career.

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