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Emill Solutions Oy - A new beginning

Updated: Mar 14

It feels great to start the official blog by saying that we have founded Emill Solutions Oy . A company born out of a passion to make Emill an even more versatile and user-friendly platform for everyone. Establishing an independent company is our way to show our commitment to continuous development, innovation and support for the entire Emill community.

The choice to add " Solutions " to our name reflects Emill's ability to offer solutions for a wide range of different needs. Emill is hence not only a platform, but a versatile tool that adapts and responds to the unique needs of different user groups. The different solutions reflect this flexibility and Emill's ability to provide an effective, user-oriented environment that supports and promotes users' goals, and helps them manage and direct their own projects even better.

So whether it's about skill development, peer support, community work, assembling networks, streamlining projects, sharing information or doing work in environments where a mobile-optimized tool is the best solution, Emill is here to help all of you users achieve your dreams and goals!

Welcome to a new chapter in Emill's journey!

The Emill team


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