We operate a virtual service to help different groups and individuals find, support, co-create, and interact with each other. We believe this creates priceless value for all parties.

We love collaboration

Emill for organisations and communities means more ideas and more help!

Implementing a tutor structure in you organization is both cost effective and flexible. The tutor is usually a former or existing collegue having valuable insight to the daily challenges of coworkers. Maintaining core knowledge for a smaller group of tutors is smart. The combination of presence and up to date knowledge gives all employees easy access to help, when they need it. Emill supports tutoring.

Tutors supporting colleagues

Content creation

  • Produce the learning material your community needs

  • Complete content structures ensure the usability and quality of the content

  • You can learn, too, while creating content


  • Find help for solving common problems

  • Participate by answering questions from the community

  • You decide which response helped you


  • Follow and learn from your colleague’s activities

  • Choose interesting topics to follow


  • Share your knowledge, help a colleague and take part in the conversation

  • Learn from others and get help as you need it

  • An affluent working community builds and shares information openly

  • In Emill, you will find many tools to enrich interaction!


  • Quickly reach colleagues

  • Brainstorm, share and plan in groups


Explore content, get ideas, take pedagogical ideas into use in your teaching or acquire new skills independently.



Explore and create content, design pedagogical wholes and create and share new content. Acquire new skills and earn competence badges.

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A jointly, carefully designed service includes complete content according to the strategic goals of the organization. Build a community of employees where knowledge is developed both on individual and organizational level.

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